Are You Are Overpaying When You Buy Toilet Paper? (Yes, A Lot)

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Woman listening to someone on the other side of the door saying We're out of toilet paper again!

Over Priced, Under Valued.

For years the paper industry has produced the same overpriced, under valued, toilet tissue. Costly TV advertising can be quite entertaining. Who can resist baby bear, momma bear, and poppa bear. All that’s missing is a blond little girl with curls, but that adds a royalty payment to the already high priced paper.

Which is better, 143 sheets or 1000 sheets?

A name brand, ultra soft 2-ply tissue has 143 sheets per roll. Each sheet is 4 inches long. That’s a total distance of 47 feet, plus 2 sheets. No wounder you’re constantly changing rolls. We use a smaller core, roll the paper tighter, and don’t stop until we rolled on 337 feet (1000 sheets) of soft, 2-ply toilet tissue. Now, isn’t that what you want when you buy toilet paper? Some companies roll on more, some are even less, but no one comes close to 1000 sheets of our soft 2-ply.

Why is the hole in the center of the toilet paper so Large?

16 yards or 112 yards?

In football terms, if a player took a kickoff on the goal line, 143 sheets runs out at the 16 yard line, that puts your home team at a real disadvantage. Our, 1000 sheet roll, scores a touch down, goes through the end-zone, and doesn’t run out until the football is handed to a fan in the first row of seats. That’s over 112 yards on a single roll. Now you can do a celebration dance!

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7 times more soft tissue on a roll.

Our one roll is almost 7 times longer, but it’s not 7 times the cost, it’s not even 2 times the cost. So how do we provide such good quality, soft toilet tissue at a much lower cost? The savings is more in the production cost than the paper cost. Every time they roll on 143 sheets, the machine has to come to a stop, cuts are made, and individual rolls are sent down the line for packaging. A new core is put in place and the first sheet of paper is lightly glued to the core. The machine starts up, rolls on another forty seven feet and comes to a stop. Even at a high speed, this start and stop process takes a lot of time. In the same time it takes to start, stop, and start a second roll we can load an entire roll of 1000 sheets, Three Hundred and Thirty Seven feet.

We shrank the size of the hole in the core to 1/2 inch and rolled on 330 feet of paper

You have been paying $90.00 for the same amount of tissue!

The local grocery store in our area shows a price of $1.11 per roll, with 147 sheets on each roll. If they could put 1000 sheets of their paper on a roll, their price for a single roll would be $7.55 per roll. That’s $90.61 for a case of 12 rolls. We can deliver our 12 rolls to your door in the continental US, for less than $40.00 and shipping is free in the US.

Now you can decide where you buy toilet paper, change the roll 81 times or 12 times. 

Pay $90.00 or less than $40.00 for the same amount of tissue. We understand sometimes change is hard, so if you would like to try a couple of rolls before committing to a full twelve roll pack, we can send two rolls, 2000 feet of toilet tissue, including freight, for just slightly more than the going price of a twelve pack of 147 sheets (1764 feet). SHOP HERE

Our new large roll fits a regular, home tissue dispenser.

Larger roll fits a standard roll holder

Some toilet tissue holders have a large spring loaded spindle. We have replacement spindles if the spindle in your toilet tissue holder is larger than 5/8 inch. The picture above shows our replacement spindle in a holder that originally had a spindle measuring 3/4 inch in diameter.

Toilet tissue holders similar to the one shown below are readily available, and work with a traditional large core toilet tissue, or our larger roll with a smaller core.

A small spindle toilet tissue holder. The spindle swivels upwards to load a new roll of toilet paper.
New style holders easily replace older styles.

Easily holds both our small core tissue and the old traditional size paper.

New style toilet tissue holder shown in place

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New Years day parades. This one is a bit different.

The most famous of all new years day parades is the Tournament of Roses Parade, but how many of you know of the parade in Hustisford Wisconsin? This parade has a fifty year tradition, with proceeds going toward scholarships. This parade also has floats, firetrucks, tractors, and a toilet bowl king and queen.

Complete with tossing rolls of toilet paper!

Watch the parade and duck as a roll of toilet paper comes flying towards the camera.  The king and queen are picked from a group selling the most tickets to the event. While riding in a giant toilet bowl they are the biggest target, but they are not just sitting ducks. The king and queen are also armed with rolls of toilet paper, that they toss at the spectators along the route.

There’s a special technique.

One spectator demonstrated hot to get the roll of toilet paper to arc like a white rainbow, “you have to unfurl it first.” Another spectator said she hasn’t had to buy toilet paper for years, “I can always pick up a roll someone else threw”  They don’t throw the good stuff, no double ply or ultra soft, after all Hustisfordians aren’t crazy they just enjoy throwing a few rolls of toilet paper on January 1st .

It may not be New York’s Time Square

or the Tournament of Roses Parade but this fifty four year history started in a couple of taverns, of course. Apparently a couple of local taverns started an annual touch football game and eventually added a parade.

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